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h3. Software Prerequisites

* *CDP Server Upgrade* {color:#000000}--{color} Before installing DCC, you should upgrade all CDP servers that you intend to register with DCC to version 3.18. the latest version. See [Upgrading Enterprise Edition for Windows], [Upgrading Enterprise Edition for Linux].
* *MySQL Database Creation* {color:#000000}--{color} DCC is a MySQL-based application and requires a customer-supplied MySQL database instance and schema in order to properly install and run. The DCC installation and upgrade will handle all table creation and any upgrade data migration. However, customers are responsible for the general health, maintenance, and availability of the MySQL database. A MySQL database instance and user account should be created in advance with account permissions allowing you to create, read, update, and delete objects within the account. DCC requires the MySQL database instance to be supported by the *InnoDB* storage engine.

{code}create database <database_name>;{code}

{info:title=Note}Later you will have to input that name in the {color:blue}{color} {{}} file.