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Service Provider (Enterprise) Edition is Affordable High Performance Disk to Disk Backup Software for Linux and Windows servers.

CDP Service Provider Enterprise Edition has all the features of [Standard Edition], plus it allows you to:
* Backup many Agents.
* Manage multiple users and their privileges.
* Network Attached Storages (NAS), e.g. NFS, CIFS/Windows share, etc.

*With Service Provider Enterprise Edition you can:*
* Select Devices on Host for replication.
* Define what files/folders on Device will be replicated. By default, all files and folders on the selected Device are backed up. You can exclude file(s)/folder(s) and define complex exclude rules.

*Service Provider Edition includes:*
*Enterprise Edition includes:*
* MySQL support.
* MS SQL Server support.

{excerpt:hidden=true}Service Provider {excerpt:hidden=true}Enterprise Edition is an affordable high performance disk to disk backup software for Linux and Windows servers with central management, web-based user interface, and data repository. The functions include centralized backups for many agents, bare-metal restore, and full API.{excerpt}{newversion}