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After you have booted your server from Bare Metal Server Live CD or PXE boot, and [configured the network|CDP3:Configuring Network for Bare-Metal Restore], you should start the server and make sure that the server has access to backup data (Disk Safe). Follow the instructions below.

h3. Attaching the Disk Safe in Server's Web Interface

1. Launch the web browser on some computer that can access the server you are restoring via the network. Then open the server's web interface, enter the Username and Password you configured, and click on the "Login" button. (See [CDP3:Accessing Standard Edition Web Interface], [Accessing Enterprise Edition Web Interface], [CDP3:Accessing Advanced Edition Web Interface].)


You can proceed to restore the server from the data contained in the Disk Safe. See [CDP3:Launching Bare-Metal Restore].{excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to configure Bare-Metal Restore Server.{excerpt}