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The Windows CDP Configuration Utility is a separate application installed together with the CDP Server Standard, Advanced, or Enterprise Edition.
{info:title=Note}CDP Standard and Advanced Editions go with CDP Server that is already built-in. Use [Windows CDP Configuration Utility|CDP3:About Windows CDP Configuration Utility] to configure both CDP Server and CDP Agent. As for Enterprise Edition, CDP Configuration Utility is available on the machine with CDP Server installed. On the machine where CDP Agent is installed, use [Windows CDP Agent Configuration Utility|CDP3:About Windows CDP Agent Configuration Utility].
The Windows CDP Configuration Utility allows you to complete the tasks described in the following documents:
* [CDP3:Restarting CDP Server] \-
{excerpt-include:Restarting CDP Server|nopanel=true}
* [Setting CDP Server Users] \-
{excerpt-include:Setting CDP Server Users|nopanel=true}
* [CDP3:Configuring CDP Server "Run Service As" Account] \-
{excerpt-include:Configuring CDP Server "Run Service As" Account|nopanel=true}
* [CDP3:Configuring CDP Server Ports] \-
{excerpt-include:Configuring CDP Server Ports|nopanel=true}
* [Configuring Heap Memory] \-

In Standard and Advanced Edition, the Windows CDP Configuration Utility also allows you to configure CDP Agent as it is installed on the same machine as CDP Server. See more in the following documents:
* [CDP3:Changing Windows Agent Configuration] \-
{excerpt-include:Changing Windows Agent Configuration|nopanel=true}
* [CDP3:Configuring CDP Agent Port] \-
{excerpt-include:Configuring CDP Agent Port|nopanel=true}
* [CDP3:Restarting CDP Agent] \-
{excerpt-include:Restarting CDP Agent|nopanel=true}