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* *User Options* ({color:#ff6600}{*}Standard Edition{*}{color}) - See [CDP3:Configuring User Options].
* *Agent Options* ({color:#ff6600}{*}Standard{*}{color}, {color:#ff6600}{*}Advanced Edition{*}{color})\- See [Resetting Public Key].
* *Server Options* \- See [Configuring Server Options].
* *Task Scheduler* \- See [CDP3:Accessing Task Scheduler].
* *Web Server Options* \- See [CDP3:Configuring Web Server Options].
* *Server Information* \- See [CDP3:Viewing Server Information].
* *License Information* \- See [Viewing License Information], [Activating CDP Standard Edition].
* *API Server Options* ({color:#ff6600}{*}Advanced{*}{color}, {color:#ff6600}{*}Enterprise Edition{*}{color})\- See [CDP3:Configuring API Server Options].
* *Database Drivers* ({color:#ff6600}{*}Advanced{*}{color}, {color:#ff6600}{*}Enterprise Edition{*}{color})\- Available only if you have the Database Add-On license activated. See [Installing the MySQL Connector JDBC into CDP3 Server].
* *Product Features* ({color:#ff6600}{*}Enterprise Edition{*}{color}) - See [Configuring Product Features].