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2. There you can find the {{.pl}} scripts for integrating with all supported Control Panels. For each panel, there are two scripts:
* {{<PanelName>}} \- Perl scripts for Control Panel authentication.
* {{<PanelName>}} \- Perl scripts for retrieving Control Panel users.

You can modify these scripts to fit your needs. You can use these scripts as examples (templates) to create scripts for integration with your custom Control Panel.

!2 script files.png!
* {{}} \- Perl scripts for authentication with a custom Control Panel.
* {{}} \- Perl scripts for retrieving users of the custom Control Panel.

{info:title=Note}You can use other file names.{info}

4. Once the system has found your custom Perl scripts in the {{/usr/sbin/r1soft/lib/controlpanel/custom}} directory on the Agent machine, the following success message is displayed. Click "OK."&nbsp;

!Successfully verified control panel instance.png!