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Use the following steps to add a volume to Server Backup Manager.

# In the Main mMenu, click *Settings* and then select *Volumes*. When the _Volumes_ page displays, click the *+ New Volume* button. The _Create New Volume_ window displays as shown in the following image.
!Create New Volume window.png|border=1!
# In the _Settings_ tab, identify the volume and volume location.
#* *Remote Replication*. Replicate the recovery points to a specified target SBM server.
!Create New Volume window - Remote Replication.png|border=1!\#*\* *Target Server*. Enter the target SBM server to which recovery points will be replicated after they are archived. Target servers must be configured in the [ServerBackupManager:Remote Replication Options] section in _Advanced Options_ before they can be selected for replication.
# In the _Limits_ tab, you can set the options regarding file excludes, recovery point archiving, and control panels. You can define limits replication, recovery points, and archive points.
!Create New Volume window - Limits.png|border=1!