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{color:windowtext}{*}Full Vacuum guide available{*}{color} {color:windowtext}*[here|ServerBackupManager:Vacuum Disk Safes]*{color}{color:windowtext}.{color}

{color:windowtext}{*}Full Vacuum guide available here{*}{color}{color:windowtext}.{color}

{color:windowtext}{*}{+}What it does:+{*}{color}{color:windowtext} {color}
{color:windowtext}The Vacuum task removes free pages from the disk safe, by moving full and partially used pages to the front of the file, and truncating the file at the point free pages begin. It removes unused space and shrinks the Disk Safe file.{color}{color:windowtext} {color}
h1. Compaction
*Full Compaction guide available here.*{color:windowtext} {color}
*Full Compaction guide available* *[here|ServerBackupManager:Compact Disk Safes]**.*{color:windowtext} {color}

{color:windowtext}{*}{+}What it does:+{*}{color}{color:windowtext}{*}+ +{*}{color}