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*{+}UPDATE 11/11/2022{+}*: We are targeting the week of 11/28/2022 to promote 5.4 and 4.19 kernel modules to GA/stable, and enable them for automatic builds via the serverbackup-setup utility.

*{+}UPDATE 12/02/2022{+}*: Modules for 4.19 kernels (Debian 10) and 5.4 kernels (Ubuntu 18.04/20.04) have been promoted to stable this week. 
Modules for these kernel versions will now build automatically from the protected machine by restarting the agent, or running "serverbackup-setup \--get-module".
Our team continues to work towards adding support for 5.14/5.15 kernels.

*{+}UPDATE 03/02/2023{+}* : Our team is currently focused on correcting an issue preventing modules for 3.10 kernels and certain 4.18 kernels from auto-building from the backup agent.
We continue to focus our efforts on adding support for 5.14/5.15 kernels. We are hoping to share a timeline very soon\!

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