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There is an exception in the TaskSchedulerThread java.lang.NullPointerException thread.

This exception results in Data Center Console reports failing to run, with this stack trace reported in monitor.log:

Exception in thread "TaskSchedulerThread" java.lang.NullPointerException  at com.r1soft.control.dao.hibernate.TaskScheduleDAO.loadFullDetails(  at com.r1soft.control.dao.hibernate.TaskScheduleDAO.loadFullDetails(  at com.r1soft.control.dao.hibernate.HibernateDAO.findBySimpleCriteria(  at com.r1soft.control.facade.TaskFacade.getSchedule(  at com.r1soft.control.task.scheduler.OMTaskSource.getNewTasks(  at com.r1soft.control.task.scheduler.TaskScheduler$ 


This condition is caused by a report that was not successfully created or was deleted, resulting in an exception during evaluation by the Task Scheduler. This exception terminates the TaskSchedulerThread, resulting in scheduled reports failing to execute.


This issue has been corrected in Data Center Console 4.0.

If you are unable to upgrade to DCC 4.0, you may remove all scheduled reports from your MySQL database, restart DCC, and then recreate any reports in order to correct this issue.

use DCC; -- replace DCC with the name of your DCC database delete from taskschedules;

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