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Product Improvement

Users may now be disabled in DCC and CDP. Disabled users will not be able to log in to a CDP Server or to the Data Center Console.

Optionally, when disabling a Power User, the administrator may choose to also disable any Sub-Users administered by the disabled Power User, and to disable any Policies associated with Agents owned by the Power User. The disabling of Sub-Users and Policies is a one-time event; however, an administrator may re-enable any disabled Sub-Users or Policies.

If you are disabling a Power User and their owned Policies from DCC, and the CDP Server responsible for the Policy is not available, then an error will be presented to the administrator informing them that they will need to disable the Policies on the unavailable CDP Server after it is back online.

See also: Enabling and Disabling Users.

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CDP Server, Data Center Console

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