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While using a RAID-type Reiserfs configuration after running Bare-Metal Restore, there are error messages.

In the Recovery Points list, start Bare-Metal Restore. In the "Bare-Metal Restore" wizard, select the following options:

  • Choose Filesystems - Select all.
  • Host - Select "Restore to Alternate Host Name/IP" and enter IP.
  • Restore Storage Configuration - Select "Select Storage Configuration to Restore."
  • Choose Partition Tables - Select "Use Existing Partition Tables on Host."
  • Choose Software RAID Devices - Select "Use Existing Software RAID Devices on Host."
  • Choose LVM Volume Groups - Select "Use Existing LVM Volume Groups on Host."
  • Map Filesystems - Map the devices.
  • Restore Options - Check the "Check Filesystems After Restore" option.
  • Click the "Restore" button.

After the Bare-Metal Restore task completes, the following alert and errors are displayed:

File system errors were corrected during fsck of device '/dev/md1' fsck indicated the system should be rebooted after check of device '/dev/md1' File system errors were left uncorrected during fsck of device '/dev/md1' An operational error was encountered during fsck of device '/dev/md1' fsck.reiserfs --fix-fixable -f /dev/md1: /bin/sh: fsck.reiserfs: command not found


The issue has been corrected in CDP 4.0.1. The kmod-reiserfs and reiserfs-utils packages are installed in CentOS CD, and the alert and errors are not displayed.

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