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#r1soft-setup is designed to manage the Keys of the CDP Servers that the CDP Agent is aware of. The #r1soft-setup command line utility is used to manage the Agent RSA Public Keys without having to cut and paste. The command line options are described below.


There are twenty three (23) options for the #r1soft-setup tool.

  • -v (or --version ) - Prints version. See Displaying Agent Version.
  • -? (or --help ) - Displays the list of options with descriptions. See an example below.
  • --get-module - Retrieves a kernel module. See Installing Custom Kernels.
  • --no-scripts - Doesn't run internal scripts when getting the kernel module.
  • --tarball-only <file> - Makes a tarball of your kernel but doesn't send it to the cki servers. See Making a Tarball of Your Kernel.
  • --custom-version [major].[minor].[build]-[release] - Downloads a custom version of the Kernel module. Foe example, -custom-version 4.1.1-12345.
  • --experimental - Gets the experimental Kernel module <not used anymore>.
  • --module-type [hcp|backupdriver] - Specifies if a 2.x or 3.x Kernel module to use. Defaults to 3.x hcp driver if not set.
  • --dest <destination> - Displays the destination for the kernel module. See Installing Custom Kernels.
  • --kernel-dir <source> - Specifies the kernel directory. See Installing Custom Kernels.
  • --test-connection - Tests the connection to the servers. See Testing Connection.
  • --no-binary - Builds everything, without using a pre-built binary module. See Building a Kernel Module.
  • --binary-only - Gets a binary module only, without building a module from headers. See Getting a Kernel Module.
  • --silent - Operates silently, means runs with no output.
  • --agent-port - Sets the port that the agent listens on. See Setting Port.
  • --agent-bind-addr - Sets the bind address for the agent. See Setting Bind Address.
  • --get-agent-bind-addr - Gets the bind address for the agent. See Getting the Bind Address.
  • --beta - Retrieves a beta driver (if it exists). See Retrieving Beta Driver.
  • --get-key <url> - Retrieves a key from a CDP server. For this option to work, the Server should be up and accessible from the Agent via the network. See Adding the Server Key to Linux Agent.
  • --remove-key <name> - Removes a key. "Key" is the IP address or URL of the CDP Server. See Uninstall the Server Key from Linux Agent.
  • --list-keys - Lists all installed keys. See Viewing Server Keys Installed on Linux Agent.
  • --stdin-key - Reads server key from standard input.
  • --key-filename <name> - Reads server key from a file. You need to specify the name of the key file.
    Generated if none specified.

To see all of the options the #r1soft-setup supports, run the following command:



#r1soft-setup --help


r1soft-setup (R1Soft Backup Setup/Custom kernel installer) 3.10.0 build 13679 Build Date: 2011/04/13 09:29:34 Copyright (c) 2009-2010 by R1Soft Software All rights reserved Builds hcp kernel modules --version --help Agent options: -------------- --get-module : Retrieve a kernel module --no-scripts : Dont run internal scripts for kernel module --tarball-only : Build a tarball only --custom-version [major].[minor].[build]-[release] --experimental : Get an experimental driver --module-type [hcp|backupdriver] --dest : Destination for the kernel module --kernel-dir : Specify the kernel directory --test-connection : Tests the connection to the servers --no-binary : build everything, dont use a pre-built binary module --binary-only : Get a binary module only, dont build a module from headers --silent : Operate silently --agent-port : Set the port that the agent listens on --agent-bind-addr : Set the bind address for the agent --get-agent-bind-addr : Get the bind address for the agent --beta : Retrieve a beta driver (if it exists) --get-key : Retrieve a key from a cdpserver Valid Key urls: https://: https:// http://: http:// : (http assumed) (http assumed) --remove-key : Remove a key --list-keys : Lists all installed keys --stdin-key : Enters a key from stdin --key-filename : The name of the key file. Generated if none specified

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