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CDP Data Center Console allows you to monitor parameters of Volumes on multiple CDP Servers at once. You can do so from the "Volumes" screen.

Follow the instructions below to access the "Volumes" screen.

1. Select "Volumes" from the Main Menu.

You will enter the "Volumes" screen.

The "Volumes" List

The list of all Volumes is displayed. The following columns are shown:

  • Status - The status of a Volume. See Using Data Center Console Dashboard for more information about the different Volume statuses.
  • Name - The name of the Volume. Volume name is used to identify the Volume in the system.
  • CDP Server - The name/IP of the CDP Server to which the current Volume belongs.
    The server name/IP is displayed in the form of a link. You can click the link for quick access to the CDP Server.
  • Quota Type - The type of quota assigned to the Volume. If no quota is defined for the Volume, then the red icon is displayed. Quotas are set to limit the disk usage of the Volume. The limit is set for all Disk Safes in the Volume on the basis of space occupied by Disk Safes, size of deltas, or number of deltas.
    You can define Disk Quotas in Configuration. See Configuring Server Options.
  • Soft Quota - The value in bytes or in deltas. Soft Quota is a warning level that informs users that they are close to reaching their effective limit.
  • Hard Quota - The value in bytes or in deltas. Hard Quota allows resources to be occupied by data. If the Hard Quota is reached, then the system forbids generation of new Recovery Points. The replication is interrupted and failed.
  • On Disk Size - The value in bytes. Displays the disk space occupied by the Volume.
  • Deltas - The value in bytes. Deltas are the data that has changed since the last backup run.
  • Actions - This column contains icons which provide access to actions over the corresponding Volume. The following actions are available:
    • Edit
    • Remove
    • Delete
Filtering the "Volumes" List

You can use a Basic List Filter to sort the "Volumes" list. Click on the "Basic List Filter" button to access the filtering options.

Select the necessary options and click "Filter."

If you want to discard filtering options and view the whole list, click "Show All."

Details Pane

This pane provides more detailed information about the Volume selected in the list on the top. The pane has three tabs:

  • Details
  • Groups
  • Users

Details Tab

Most of the information presented here is the same as the data shown in the Volumes list columns. For more information about server details, see Accessing CDP Servers in Data Center Console.

If you click on the icon near the CDP Server name, you can access the CDP Server details window as shown bellow.

Groups Tab

Displays the list of groups assigned to the Volume.

Users Tab

Displays the list of users assigned to the Volume.

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