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Follow the instructions below to configure the Backup Agent Port.

1. The only way to change the Backup Agent port is to open and modify the agent_config file located in this default folder: C:\Program Files\Idera Server Backup\conf\. Define the "LocalPort" option.

Server Backup Manager Free or Advanced Edition users can run the Windows Backup Manager Configuration Utility by going to Start > All Programs (Programs) > Idera Server Backup > Backup Manager Configuration Utility on the computer where Server Backup Manager is installed.

In Free and Advanced Editions, the Backup Agent is built-in and automatically installed together with the Backup Manager on the same machine.

2. Select the "Agent Configuration" tab in the Windows Backup Manager Configuration Utility main window.
3. You can define the following parameters:

  • Server Backup Agent - The Backup Manager opens connections to Backup Agents on the TCP port defined here. The default value is "1167."
  • Agent Debug Mode - Enables the debug mode for Backup Agent. Enabled by default.
    4. Click on "Apply" to save your changes.

5. Once the change is applied, a confirmation dialog appears. Click "OK."

6. Now restart the Backup Agent service for your changes to take effect. See Restart Backup Agent.

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