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You may need to fix heap space memory if Server Backup Manager is running into Java Heap: Out of Memory errors.

The --set-max-mem setup command allows you to set the max heap your server uses. In the following example the max memory heap size is set to 1 gigabyte.

serverbackup-setup --set-max-mem 1g

You can get examples of the input with:

serverbackup-setup --help

Alternatively, you can configure the heap memory manually in the server.conf file.

1. Access the server.conf file. By default, in Server Backup Manager the file is located in:


2. Edit server.conf as follows:

  • Change compute.maxmemory:


  • Uncomment maxmemory and set to new value in MB. For example:


3. Save the server.conf file.

4. Restart the Server Backup Manager Server Service.

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