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Message received:

Can not back up /dev/sdb partition since /dev/sda partition has the same identifier.


fdisk does not correctly write the partition ID when partitioning a disk.

CDP requires all partitions to have a unique ID even if the partition has not been selected as a Device in the Disk Safe for replication.


A unique partition ID must be created.

This is a dangerous operation. Make sure all data has been backed up before changing any partition information on your disk. A failure in changing partition data can make the machine unbootable.
Some operating systems such as RHEL 5 and Centos use an older version of fdisk contained in the util-linux package, which does not include the ability to change the partition identifier. The util-linux package has been replaced in more updated operating systems with the util-linux-ng package. In these cases you would need to manually upgrade the fdisk utility.

# fdisk /dev/sdb (enter the correct disk identifier assigned by Linux) fdisk> x (for advanced) fdisk> i (for create partition id) (Enter in an arbitrary number) fdisk> w (to save and exit)

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