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It is possible to create new Agents on CDP servers using the Data Center Console. Follow the instructions below.

1. Select "Agents" from the Main Menu.


You will enter the "Agents" screen.


The list of all Agents from all connected CDP servers is displayed.

2. Click on "Create New Agent."


3. The "Create New Agent" window will appear.


4. Fill in all the requires fields and click "Create."

* *Name* \- Enter a name for the Agent. It will be displayed in the "Agents" List.
* *Host Name* \- Enter the Host Name or IP address of the Agent.
* *Port Number* \- Define a Port to connect to the Agent if different from the default value (1167). You can configure the default Agent port using the Windows CDP Configuration Utility.
{info:title=Tip}If you have Agents with the same IP addresses but with different ports in your environment, create several DNS names that resolve to the Hosts' IP. Specify different Agent port numbers.
* *Add-ons* \- Enable MySQL database Add-on.
* *Owner* \- Define the Agent's owner.
* *Permissions* \- Specify the Agent's owner permissions.
{info:title=Note}A Power-User creating an Agent becomes it's owner by default.
Only a Super-User may change an Agent's owner.

|| Icon || Description ||
| !agent settings icon.png! | Can edit the agent's settings |
| !ds-agent-icon.png! | Can manipulate disk safes for agent |
| !policies-agent-icon.png! | Can manipulate policies for agent |
| !rp-agent-icon.png! | Can restore files from agent's recovery points |
| !browse-rp-agent-icon.png! | Can browse agent's recovery points (read-only) |
| !users-agent-icon.png! | Can edit agent's users |
| !history-icon.png! | Can view agent's tasks in task history console |
5. The new Agent will appear on the CDP server.
{excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to create Agents in Data Center Console.{excerpt}