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Follow the instructions below to change the Group properties in CDP.

1. Click on "Groups" in the Main Menu.

2. In the "Groups" list, find the appropriate Group and click on the "Edit" icon in the "Actions" column for this User.
!Editing Group Properties3.png!
{info:title=Note} To find a Group, you can use the Basic and Advanced List Filters. See [Customizing the Groups List].
3. The "Edit Group" window will open.

4. You can change the following Group properties:
* *Name*
* *Description*
* *Users*
* *Agents*
* *Volumes*

You can find the properties description in [Adding Groups].

5. Click on "Save" to save the changes.
!Editing Group Properties6.png!
{info:title=Note} After clicking on "Save" or "Cancel," you are returned to the Groups List.
{info}{excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to edit Group properties in CDP.{excerpt}