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In [CDP Enterprise Edition|Enterprise Edition], [Disk Safes|Disk Safes] can be kept in containers on the Backup System called *Volumes*. Volumes are helpful If you are a service provider using CDP Enterprise Edition and your customers log on to the CDP Web interface to manage their own data protection.

Volume is a storage of one or more Disk Safes with a common Quota and assigned User(s)/Group(s). A Volume can keep replications of several Agents.

On a physical level, a Volume is simply a "home" directory for your customer's Disk Safe(s). It allows you to define the location of your customers' Disk Safes while hiding the actual storage path. You can also put a quota on a Volume to control how much Disk Space your customers can use.

h5. Available Volume Actions

* [Create a new Volume|Creating Volumes]
* [Edit properties of an existing Volume|Changing Volumes]
* [Delete a Volume|Deleting Volumes]
* [Remove a Volume|Removing Volumes]

h5. Product Configuration

A CDP administrator can configure the interface of the product to make it more accessible and easy to use. One of the available options is to make Volumes inaccessible to certain users. Read more in [Configuring Product Features].

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{excerpt:hidden=true}General description of Volumes and available actions in CDP. Volumes are containers to store Disk Safes. You can work with Volumes in CDP Enterprise Edition.{excerpt}