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CDP Enterprise and Advanced Editions allow you to protect SQL Server installed on the Agent machine. This function allows you to take a snapshot. Since CDP uses the VSS Exchange writer, it ensures data integrity and consistency during the backup operation.

A list of supported editions can be found in [System Requirements - CDP for Databases].

To protect MS Exchange, enable the Databases Add-on on the Agent. See [Enabling Databases Add-On for Agent].

The following CDP interface elements help you protect your SQL Server:

* The "SQL" tab in the Policy window
* The "SQL" tab in the "Task History"
* The "SQL" action in the "Recovery Points" list

Here is a collection of pages devoted to protecting MS SQL databases.

* [Enabling Databases Add-On for Agent]
* [Configuring MS SQL Server Replication]
* [Restoring MS SQL Server]
* [Restoring a MS SQL Server to an Alternate Location]

{excerpt:hidden=true}General information about work with MS SQL Server database(s) in your CDP Enterprise and Advanced Edition.{excerpt}