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When you remove a Server from the Backup Manager, this also deletes all of the Server's Disk Safes. Deleting the Server will prevent any tasks associated with it from running. Follow the instructions below to delete a Server from Server Backup Manager.

{note:title=Notice}If a Server has associated Policies, it cannot be removed.
1. In the Main menu, click *Servers*.

2. The "Servers" page will list all the existing Servers.
{info:title=Tip}To find a Server, you can use the Basic and Advanced List Filters. See [ServerBackup:Customize the Servers list].
To delete the existing Server from the Backup Manager, click on the "Delete" icon under "Actions" for the corresponding Server in the list.

!Servers list_2_Delete icon_English.png!

3. Confirm your request to delete the Server in the Backup Manager.

!Delete Server window_English.png!


In case if there is a Disk Safe already [created|ServerBackup:Create disk safes] or [attached|ServerBackup:Attach disk safes], you will see the following window with warning.

!Delete Server_English.png!

For Disk Safe deletion check the appropriate check-box which is unchecked by default.

!Delete Server_check-box checked_English.png!

Before checking the check-box you can click the question mark and read more information.

!Delete Server_question mark selected_English.png!

{excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to delete a servers in Server Backup Manager.{excerpt}