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You can import an *existing* volume to Server Backup Manager. An existing volume means that it was previously removed, but not deleted. For more information about removing a volume, see [ServerBackup:Remove volumes].

*To import a volume:*

# In the Main menu, click *Volumes*. Server Backup Manager displays the Volumes list.
# In the Volumes menu, click *Import Existing Volume*. SBM displays the Import Existing Volume window as shown in the following image.
!Import Existing Volume window_English.png!
# Type the name of the volume you want to import in the *Name* field and the location of the volume in the *Volume Path* field, and then click *Import*. For more information about these properties, see [Create volumes]. SBM imports the volume, and then displays a successful message. Click OK to close this message box. The new volume now appears in the Volumes list.

{excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to import an existing volume to Server Backup Manager.{excerpt}