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Removing a [device|Manage devices] deletes all data associated with that device from the disk safe.
{note:title=Notice}You cannot undo a removed device once performed.
Use the following steps to remove devices assigned to a disk safe in the Backup Manager interface.

*To remove a device:*

# Open the Devices tab of the Edit Disk Safe window. *{_}If you are unsure of how to access this tab{_}*, see [Access devices].
# In the Devices In Disk Safe pane, click the Remove icon for the device you want to remove from the disk safe as shown in the following image.
!Edit Disk Safe window_Devices tab_Add devices unchecked_2_Remove icon_English.png!
Server Backup Manager displays a confirmation message to verify that you want to remove the selected device.
# Click *Remove* in the Remove dialog box. SBM now displays the list of devices without the removed device included.

{excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to remove devices assigned to a disk safe in Server Backup Manager.{excerpt}