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Server Backup Manager for Hosting Control Panels is a reliable solution to backup hosting control panel user accounts. By means of web interface, control panels users may access their account backups created over time, download as archive, or restore from them. To access the backups, they use their Control Panel credentials.

The backups are called "*replications*." They are created automatically on the basis of a schedule defined by system administrators. The following frequencies may be defined:
* *On Demand*
* *Minutely*
* *Hourly*
* *Daily*
* *Weekly*
* *Monthly*
* *Yearly*

As the result of data replication, a *Recovery Point* is created. Administrators set how many Recovery Points to keep (so called "retention policy/rules").

*A Recovery Point appears like a Full backup to the user* in appearance as each Recovery Point only *contains changes* since the last synchronization. These Recovery Points are available for users from the Backup Manager for Hosting Control Panels user interface.

As a control panel end user, you can access your account backups by following the direct link to the Backup Manager for Hosting Control Panels provided to you by your Hosting provider. cPanel (only) end users have the added option of accessing their account backups via the R1Soft icon displayed in the Control Panel interface. There are two options to access the Recovery Points:

# [Access account backups via Direct Link]
# [Access account backups via cPanel plugin]

Each Recovery Point contains the user's data saved at a particular time. Users can restore their data from any Recovery Point they need. Users can restore their data not only from the latest backup but also from previous ones.

There are three options for the control panel end users to restore their files:
# Restore selected files to their original location. See [Restore a control panel account].
# Download files to local computer and upload files via FTP to web site (control panel {{home}}). See [Download control panel backup to local computer].
# Send a TAR or ZIP containing selected or all files to control panel {{home}} directory. See [Send control panel account backup to Control Panel Home for end-users].


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