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Server Backup Manager (SBM) is a fast, affordable, and high-performance backup software for Linux and Windows servers in both physical and virtual environments. Using SBM's Disk Safe format, R1Soft provides virtual full backup storage. The Disk Safe optimizes storage and allows users to keep recovery points longer, while saving space over existing full or incremental backups. Backup windows take only a few minutes using R1Soft's block-level Continuous Data Protection™ (CDP) technology. These capabilities ensure unique disk blocks are stored only once, even across thousands of recovery points. 

*Server Backup Manager allows you to:*
* Back up as many systems as your license and hardware allows
* Manage multiple users, user groups, and privileges
* Define storage quotas
* Perform bare-metal restores
* Back up and restore databases
* Back up hosting control panel accounts
* Use the full API
* Archive backup data with a separate retention policy to FTP(S), Amazon Glacier, or AWS S3 compatible cloud storage.

*Server Backup Manager allows you to store your Disk Safes on:*
* Any attached storage supported by the Server Backup Manager operating system
* Including Storage Area Networks (SANs) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices, such as NFS, CIFS/Windows share, etc

*With Server Backup Manager, you can:*
* Select devices on the host for replication
* Define which files and folders on a device will be replicated, and exclude files and folders using complex exclude rules
* Create on demand or scheduled replication policies
* Define soft and hard disk space quotas
* Specify multiple recovery point objectives in a single policy
* Browse files and databases stored in Disk Safes
* Merge or delete recovery points
* Restore all or selected files/folders from any recovery point
* Export the selected files/folders from any recovery point and save the extracted files/folders to an off-site server or local hard disk
* Copy Disk Safe Volumes between Server Backup Manager installations

*Server Backup Manager includes:*
* MySQL support
* MSSQL Server support
* MS Exchange support
* Bare-metal restore functionality
* Reporting via email
* Multiple language support
* A robust API for automation of common tasks and integration with other services.
* Windows NTFS DACLs and SACLs Restore (allows you to restore Discretionary and System Access Control Lists)
* Advanced archiving rules with flexible data protection policies, keep offsite backups for disaster recovery, keep long term backups in cold storage for compliance, recover disk safes to the existing or a new backup manager.
* Hosting control panel integration
* Self-service restores through hosting control panel integration:
** cPanel (Linux)
** Plesk (Linux)
** Virtuozzo containers (Linux)
** cPanel or Plesk in Virtuozzo containers
** Others

h4. Useful Links to Get Started

h6. Configure the Backup Agent

* [Add key to Linux Backup Agent]
* [Add the key to Windows Backup Agent]
* [Add Protected Machines to Backup Manager]
* [Create Disk Safes]
* [Create policies]

h6. Protect databases

* [Install MySQL Connector JDBC into Server Backup]
* [Add a MySQL instance to a policy]
* [Protect SQL Server]

h6. Common questions

* [ServerBackup:Common questions]

h6. Restore data

* [Restore files]
* [Restore a MySQL database to the original location]
* [Restore an MS SQL database]
* [Restore VHD files]
* [Bare-Metal Restore|Perform a bare-metal restore]

h6. Hosting control panels

* [Enable the Hosting Control Panels feature]
* [Set up cPanel plugin]
* [Add control panel instance]
* [Schedule control panel replication]
* [Restore control panel user accounts]

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