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Registration is required for all Server Backup Manager downloads. Existing customers can use their R1Soft Customer Portal login account information. Note that the Customer Portal and the Customer *Support* Portal require different login credentials. New customers can [click here|] to request a free trial download.

*To download the Linux Backup Manager software*:

# Log in to the R1Soft Customer Portal at [|].
# On the Downloads page, locate the *Backup Manager* product group.
# Click the Linux *64-bit (x86_64/AMD64)* link for 64-bit binary hardware/OS.
# Download the ** file.

Continue with the next task in the series: [Install and Upgrade Server Backup Manager on Linux].{info:title=Note}If you need to download the Linux Backup Agent, go to [Obtain Linux Backup Agent].
{excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to download the Linux Backup Manager installer. {excerpt}\\