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The Windows Backup Agent installer package is used to install the Backup Agent software on your Windows machine.

Registration is required for all Backup Agent downloads. Existing customers can use their R1Soft Customer Portal login account information. Note that the Customer Portal and the Customer *Support* Portal require different login credentials. New customers can [click here|] to request a free trial download.

*To download the Windows Backup Agent software*:

# Log in to the R1Soft Customer Portal at [|].
# On the {color:#35383d}{_}Latest Product Downloads _{color}page, locate the *Backup Agent* product group.
# Click *32-bit (x86)* for 32-bit binary hardware/OS or click *64-bit (x86_64/AMD64)* for 64-bit binary hardware/OS. (If you are unsure of your Windows version, see [Check Windows bit version].)
# Download one of the following products:
*For a 32-bit system*:
*For a 64-bit system*:

Continue with the next task in the series: [Install Backup Agent on Windows].

{excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to download the Windows Backup Agent installer.{excerpt}