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After a protected machine has been added, you can always edit the machine's properties using the *Edit Protected Machine* option in the _Actions_ menu on the _Protected Machines_ page. The protected machine properties are described in [Add Protected Machines to Backup Manager]. Follow the instructions below to edit the protected machine properties in your Server Backup Manager.

1. In the Main menu, click *Protected Machines*. The Protected Machines page displays a list of all existing machines.

To find a protected machine, you can use the Search bar or apply an advanced filter. See [ServerBackupManager:Customize the Protected Machines list].

2. To edit the protected machine properties, click the _Actions_ menu for the corresponding machine and select *Edit Protected Machine*.

!Edit Protected Machine.png|border=1,height=300!

The _Edit Protected Machine_ window displays.

!Edit Protected Machine window.png|border=1!

In this window, you can edit the protected machine using three tabs. In the _Settings_ tab, you can edit settings such as the machine identification, owner, and permissions. In the _Groups_ tab, you can add or remove groups. In the _Users_ tab, you can add or remove users.

You can also reset the public key from this window using the *Reset Public Key* button. For more information about resetting the public key, [click here|ServerBackupManager:Reset the public key].

3. When you have finished editing the protected machine, click the *Save* button.

4. When the confirmation message displays, click the *OK* button to apply the changes to the protected machine.

{excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to change protected machine properties in Server Backup Manager.{excerpt}