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In Server Backup Manager, [disk safes|Disk Safes] can be kept in containers called *volumes*. You can easily give access to a volume to a group of people (i.e. customers, a department, etc.) who need to administer the backups on their own servers, without permitting those people to access another group’s disk safes. Groups can log in to the Backup Manager web interface to manage their own data protection.

On a physical level, a volume is simply a home directory for your disk safes. Volumes also provide the ability to give users and/or groups permission to access the disk safes within, as well as the ability to limit the amount of storage on your Backup Manager that the disk safes within are allowed to consume. This gives you tight control over who can access certain disk safes, and how much storage space those users' backups are able to consume.

h2. Available volume actions

* [Create a new volume|ServerBackupManager:Create volumes]
* [Edit properties of an existing volume|ServerBackupManager:Edit volumes]
* [Delete a volume|ServerBackupManager:Delete volumes]
* [Remove a volume|ServerBackupManager:Remove volumes]

h3. Product Configuration

A Server Backup administrator can configure the interface of the product to make it more accessible and easy to use. One of the available options is to make volumes inaccessible to certain users. For more information about limiting access to volumes, see [Product Features].

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{excerpt:hidden=true}General description of volumes and available actions in Server Backup Manager. Volumes are containers to store disk safes.{excerpt}