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*Removing* a [Volume|Volumes] will remove the Volume configuration from this Server Backup without deleting it. All backed up data will remain on the disk and the Volume folder is kept. Removing a volume is useful when you need to transfer it between machines. After being removed on one Backup Manager, it can be imported on another. See [Import existing volumes].

Follow the instructions below to remove a volume in Server Backup.

1. In the Main Menu, click *Settings* and then select *Volumes*. The Volumes screen displays.

2. To remove a volume, click the corresponding _Actions_ icon and select *Remove Volume*. !Volumes - Remove Volume.png|border=1,width=930,height=332!
{info:title=Tip}To find a volume, you can use the Basic or Advanced search option on the right side of the _Volumes_ screen. 
3. Confirm your request to remove the Volume by clicking *Remove* in the displayed confirmation window.

!Remove Volume window.png|border=1!

If your volume has any Disk Safes attached, a warning message will display. Click *Yes* to detach the Disk Safes from the volume before removing the volume.

4. A success message displays after you remove the volume. Click the *OK* button to continue. The volume has been removed, and will no longer display on the _Volumes_ screen.

!Remove Volume window - success.png|border=1!
{excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to remove volumes in Server Backup Manager.{excerpt}