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Server Backup Manager allows you to protect Microsoft Exchange installed on the Agent Server. The database feature allows you to take a snapshot of the Microsoft Exchange Storage groups. Because the Backup Manager uses the VSS Exchange writer, it ensures data integrity and consistency during the backup operation.

*{_}If your Windows environment contains an MSSQL or Exchange database on two different partitions{_}*, you should enable multi-volume snapshot (MVS) in the policy settings.

You can find a list of supported editions in the _Databases_ section of the [ServerBackupManager:System Requirements].

The following Backup Manager interface elements help you protect your MS Exchange:

* The Exchange tab in the Policy window
* The Exchange tab in the Task History
* The *Exchange* action in the Recovery Points list

For information about restoring MS Exchange 2007 and 2010 see [Restore Microsoft Exchange].

Here is a collection of pages devoted to protecting MS Exchange 2007 and 2010:
{excerpt:hidden=true}General information about protecting MS Exchange database(s) in your Server Backup Manager.{excerpt}