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Follow the instructions below to restore a regular Linux user account.

Regular Linux accounts are located in the {{/home}} directory. Read more in [ServerBackup:Protect Linux home directories].

1. In the Main Menu, click Protected Machines to access the Protected Machines list.

2. For the machine you want to restore, click the corresponding _Actions_ icon and select *Open Recovery Points*. !Protected Machines - Open Recovery Points.png|border=1!
The _Recovery Points_ window displays.

3. For the corresponding recovery point you want to use, click the _Actions_ icon and select *Control Panel Users*.

!Recovery Points - Control Panel Users.png!

The _Control Panel Users_ window displays.

4. The _Control Panel Users_ window display a list of Linux accounts. This list of accounts appears automatically because you created only one Instance: Linux Home Directories. For more information, see [Protect Linux home directories].

!Control Panel Users window_Linux accounts_English.png!

You can filter the listed items by State using the "Verified" and "Not Found" check boxes located on the toolbar.
5. Choose all accounts or one/several specific one(s).

!Control Panel Users window_Linux account selected_English.png!

Note that the user's path shown in the *Username* column is similar to this template: {{/home/<username>}}

6. The next step is to choose a desired restore method:

* You can restore the account as an archive. Then follow the instructions described in [Download control panel user data as an archive].
* You can send the archive containing the Linux accounts' data to the Server. Then follow the instructions described in [Send control panel account backup to Control Panel Home].

{excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to restore a regular Linux user account with Server Backup Manager.