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The capability to auto-map devices includes the following:

* If {{/dev/path}} is found and it is a valid size, then it will be mapped.
* If {{/dev/path}} is not found and there is one device that is the same size as the original device, then it will be mapped.
* The user can define the mapping.

Here are some screenshots illustrating the above principles.

1. All of your filesystems are automatically selected, so you do not have to check any check-boxes. Previously, a user would need to check each individual check-box manually.

!Select the filesystem_English.png!

2. Your partition tables are also selected automatically.

!Select Partition Tables_English.png!

3. All of your selected partition tables are mapped automatically to the disks on the target host. Previously, a user would need to map each individual combo-box manually, either by selecting from the drop-down menu, or by typing out the name.

!Map Partition Tables_English.png!


{excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to use device auto-mapping during the Bare-Metal Restore.{excerpt}