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You can set the TCP port on which your Linux Backup Agent listens using the {{serverbackup-setup}} command in the Linux Backup Agent CLI. For more information about the {{serverbackup-setup}} command, see [About the cdp-agent and serverbackup-setup tools|ServerBackup:About the cdp-agent and serverbackup-setup tools]. For more information about setting the TCP port, see [Configure Backup Manager ports].

*To set the Backup Agent TCP port using the Linux Backup Agent CLI*: 

Run the {{serverbackup-setup}} command using the {{\--agent-port}} option as follows:

{code}serverbackup-setup --agent-port 8280 {code}

*{_}If you set the port successfully{_}*, the system returns the following data:

{code}Agent port set{code}

*{_}If you do not set the port successfully{_}*, the system returns the following data: 

{code}Invalid port range. Failed to set agent port{code}
{excerpt:hidden=true}Provides the steps necessary to set the port on which the Backup Agent listens using the Linux Backup Agent CLI.{excerpt}