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In the Backup Manager, it is possible to return unused licenses to the pool.

*To return an unused license:*

1. In the Main Menu, click *Advanced Options* and select *License Information*. The _License Information_ screen displays. 

2. Click the *Return Licenses* button.

!License Information screen - Return Licenses.png|border=1!

3. The _Return Licenses_ window displays. In this window, you can choose to return all unused licenses or specific unused licenses.

Select the *Auto Configure Licenses* option to return all licenses that are currently unused. Select the *Custom Configuration* option to choose which licenses to return and enter the licenses in the corresponding fields. !Return Licenses window.png|border=1!

4. Click the *Next* button to continue.

5. Review the list of licenses you are about to return, and then click *OK*. The licenses are returned.

{excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions for returning an unused Server Backup Manager license.{excerpt}