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h3. Linux Installations

1. Start a remote SSH session to the server where the Backup Agent is running and get root permissions (via {{su}} or {{sudo}}).

2. Use the following command to restart the Backup Agent:
{code}/etc/init.d/cdp-agent restart{code}

h3. Windows Installations

*To restart the Backup Agent:*

1. Run the Windows Backup Agent Configuration Utility by clicking *Start > (All) Programs > Server Backup > Backup Agent Configuration Utility* on the server where your Backup Agent is installed.

2. Click *Services > Restart Server Backup Agent*. SBM displays a confirmation dialog box.

3. Click *OK* to confirm your request to restart the Backup Agent. Once the Backup Agent restarts, the utility displays a confirmation window.

4. Click *OK* to close this window.

{excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to restart the Backup Agent on Linux and Windows.{excerpt}