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The system provides the ability to send information about Task fulfillment via email. You can choose from users and groups on Server Backup, or specify email addresses to deliver the report to. You can define a recurrence for this email. You can specify the information to be received with the help of filters. There is filtering by Server, Task type, state, alert, and log message level.

Section Content
  • Access reportingInstructions on how to access and use the Reporting window in Server Backup Manager.
  • Customize the Reports listInstructions on how to hide and show columns, sort rows, manage items per page, filter the "Reports" list in Server Backup.
  • Schedule email reportingInstructions on how to create a new report in Server Backup Manager.
  • Change report propertiesInstructions on how to change email report properties in Server Backup Manager.
  • Preview reportsInstructions on how to preview a report in Server Backup Manager.
  • Generate reportsInstructions on how to run a report manually in Server Backup Manager.
  • Disable reportsInstructions on how to disable reports in Server Backup Manager.
  • Delete reportsInstructions on how to delete a report in Server Backup Manager.
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