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A group contains a collection of power-users to which you can apply permissions. You can grant permission to a group in the same way as granting permissions to a power-user. Power-users can belong to more than one group.

Only power-users can be members of groups.

A power-user's permissions include their user-level permissions plus all of their group permissions.

If a group is not granted any permissions, but a specific power-user in that group has permissions, then the power-user still has these permissions.

If a group is granted full-control access on a server, but a specific power-user in that group has permissions set on that server that are less than full-control, then the group permissions are used.

If a power-user belongs to multiple groups, and two or more of those groups have permissions set on the same resource, such as a server, then the most liberal group-level permissions are applied. If one group has less than full-control access, but another group has full-control, the power-user is granted full-control access.

Section Content
  • Access groupsInstructions on how to access and use the Groups view in Server Backup Manager.
  • Customize the Groups listInstructions on how to hide and show columns, sort rows, manage items per page, and use filters for the Groups list in Server Backup Manager.
  • Add groupsInstructions on how to add a new group in Server Backup Manager.
  • Edit group propertiesInstructions on how to edit group properties in Server Backup Manager.
  • Delete groupsInstructions on how to delete groups in Server Backup Manager.
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