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Follow the instructions below to restore a regular Linux user account.

Regular Linux accounts are located in the /home directory. Read more in Protect Linux home directories.

1. In the Main Menu, click Protected Machines to access the Protected Machines list.

2. For the machine you want to restore, click the corresponding Actions icon and select Open Recovery Points.
The Recovery Points window displays.

3. For the corresponding recovery point you want to use, click the Actions icon and select Control Panel Users.

The Control Panel Users window displays.

4. The Control Panel Users window display a list of Linux accounts. This list of accounts appears automatically because you created only one Instance: Linux Home Directories. For more information, see Protect Linux home directories.

You can filter the listed items by State using the "Verified" and "Not Found" check boxes located on the toolbar.

5. Choose all accounts or one/several specific one(s).

Note that the user's path shown in the Username column is similar to this template: /home/<username>

6. The next step is to choose a desired restore method:

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